Hello, my name is Madeleine Yeskoo and I am running to be your VP Spirit in the EUS Elections.

I remember Imagine Day in my first year like it was yesterday. I woke up especially early out of pure excitement for the day to come, and of course to deck myself out in red face paint with some of my fellow engineering floormates. Turning onto Main Mall and seeing all of the groups of first years surrounding the Cairn, red flags waving in the wind, the assortment of swag that we were to soon receive – even though it was a rainy gray day, that sight made me warm inside. The Spirit has been there since Day 1.

That was the moment I fell in love with the engineering community. And through it all, were the executives in charge of it all. They were the ones spreading the pride and sharing their excitement and stories of the future to come.

I knew from that moment on that one of my main goals of university was to become extremely involved and gather enough experience to one day become an executive.

And here we are.

I strongly believe that I am ready to take on the position of VP Spirit. I have the experience, the platform, and the commitment to the role – all which make me the best candidate for the position.

Voting begins on March 27th, 2017 and remember: Vote #YesForYeskoo.